Your Child’s First Dental Visit

When your child gets in the habit of visiting the dentist regularly, it often becomes something they do for life. Healthy habits start at home, but it is still crucial that your family come into the office twice a year for regular checkups. Checkup appointments help to keep your children’s teeth healthy and clean while the exam allows us to detect problems before they are allowed to get worse. Your child’s first dental visit is the most important in establishing this healthy habit, so it is important to make it exciting as possible and to eliminate any fears or anxieties before they become an issue.

When Should Your Child Come to the Dentist?

We recommend children first see a dentist when their very first baby teeth come through the gums. However, it’s not uncommon for parents to get their children in for the first appointment around their second birthday. Regardless of when your child comes in for the first appointment, it is important that you make the experience light, exciting and fun. When your child knows how important it is to see the dentist as well as how easy these appointments are, they will be more likely to visit well into their teen and adult years without fear or anxiety.

What to Expect with the First Visit

Your child will be warmly greeted by one of our staff members. They will be taken to one of our dental chairs and seated comfortably. A licensed hygienist will work to remove any plaque and tartar from your child’s teeth and then polish them to a high shine. The gums can be checked for any signs of gingivitis and we can provide product and technique recommendations as needed. Dr. Priya then comes over and examines your child’s smile. The teeth are counted to ensure they’re all in place and we will check for any that are loose, cracked or broken. We then check for cavities and can provide treatment options as needed. The entire appointment takes less than an hour in our office and provides your child with the opportunity to maintain their smile so that it is clean, healthy and bright. Good oral hygiene starts at home, so it’s important to teach your children how to care for their teeth in between appointments.

If you are looking to schedule your child’s first dental appointment, we welcome you to call us so that one of our friendly staff members can further assist you.