What are Sealants

Sealants are protective coverings that are applied to the biting surfaces of back teeth. They can help prevent cavities on more vulnerable teeth as well as stains and discoloration. Sealants are often recommended to children who are prone to cavities or who already have several fillings. Dental sealants can last for about one to three years before they can simply be reapplied.

Why are Sealants needed?

Sealants are a protective measure that prevents cavities and stains from developing on your child’s back teeth. Cavities often cause the need for fillings and even root canals. With the help of dental sealants, decay is completely prevented and your child will not need to worry about needing fillings. They are especially beneficial to kids who may not have the best oral hygiene habits or who already have a few fillings.

What makes your child a good candidate for Sealants?

Before the sealants are placed, we will perform an exam on your child’s teeth. This helps us to check for signs of decay and to determine if sealants are the right choice. Because sealants are clear, no one will know they’re on your child’s teeth. We can check the sealants at each of your child’s bi-annual appointments.

What happens during the procedure for Sealants?

Your child will come into our office and have an exam. We will then clean and dry the teeth before the sealant is applied. The sealant material is brushed onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth. The clear liquid is then cured and hardened into place so that it provides a protective layer. The process can be applied to all of the back teeth to prevent cavities from developing. Your child may need to have new sealants applied in about a year or two as they begin to wear away. The sealants can prevent the need for fillings and other more invasive procedures.

If you think your child might benefit from sealants, call our office today and one of our friendly staff members will be happy to help.